Algonquin Round Table

(Painting of the Algonquin Round Table on the wall in the Algonquin Hotel Dining Room. Dorothy Parker is on the left.)

This section will contain information about a variety of authors from the 1910s through the 2010s and their works.  Below is a timeline chronology of those 100 years.


1910s Chronology

1910-1919: World War I and the Armistice

1920s Chronology

1920-1929: Prosperity and Its Demise

1930s Chronology

1930-1939: The Great Depression

1940s Chronology

1940-1949:  World War II, The Atomic Bomb, NATO

1950s Chronology

1950-1959 – Two Cars in Every Garage

The 1960s

1960-1969 – Civil Rights and Turmoil

The 1970s

1970-1979 – The Nation in Flux

The 1980s

1980-1989 – The Reagan Revolution

The 1990s

1990-1999 – Prosperity as the World Turns

The 2000s

2000-2009 – The Fight against Terrorism

The 2010s

2010-Present – Economic Recovery