ENGL 301: Introduction to the English Major

Course description:  English 301 is an introduction to the kind of analytical reading and writing you will be expected to do as an English major.  For some of you who are well into your major the course will be a review of sorts in that you will be sharpening skills that you have already learned, perhaps even reading works that you have already read.  I hope, however, that you will all encounter in this course many texts that you will find exciting to read, reread, discuss, and write about.  We will consider works from various genres, among them the short story, the novel, the poem, and the play.

About this page: This page will host course-specific page links, documents, images, and contextual information related to authors and works being studied during the semester. It will contain information that supplements, but does not replace, the contents of Blackboard and will be a platform that is, in many cases, more quickly and easily accessible than Blackboard.