Talk Topics: Presentations

 The New Yorker Senior Seminar, Fall 2019

Click the links below to download student PDF presentations.

William Arthur, “The Whites: E.B. and Katherine”

Daniel Chow, Parker and the Round Table

Marisa Dew, Remnick Era

Warren Elliott, The New Yorker and Film

Olivia Hudson, Non-American Authors in The New Yorker

Jennifer Lee, The New Yorker and African-American Culture

Rebecca Lee, Profile Section

Cara Long, Tina Brown

Andrea Malisheski, Ross and Shawn Eras

Larry Mills, Thurber’s New Yorker Drawings

Loan Nguyen, New Yorker Editors

Mary Patsalosavvis, New Yorker Humor

Joanna Patzig, Thurber: Life/Personality

Cameron Washington, Political and Social Outlook of The New Yorker